Membership Management

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MiCAMP Membership

Membership renewal invoices for 2019/2020 were emailed to each organization’s Bundle Admin through our Wild Apricot system around June 1, 2019. If you need assistance with your membership renewal, email us.


Check Wild Apricot

Scroll down on this page and click the box to search the Wild Apricot directory to see if you, and your organization, are in the system already. If you found your name, you are all set. If you found your organization but didn’t find your name, you’ll need to have your bundle admin add you to your organization. You can use the Bundle Admin search below to find out who in your organization you need to contact.


Active? Pending Renewal? Not Found?

If you found your organization in Wild Apricot, you’ll be marked as Active if your membership invoice has been paid and pending renewal if your invoice is still outstanding. If you did not see your organization at all, you’ll need to join MiCAMP as a new member.



Bundle Admins received a renewal invoice via email in early June. If you join as a new member, you’ll receive an invoice upon joining. Invoices can be paid by check or online via credit card.

*Note: If you did not pay dues last year you may still be in our system as an inactive member. If you join as a new member and use an email address that is already in our system, your account will be restored. If you need to check if you are an inactive member, send us an email and we will check for you.

Membership Management System

MiCAMP’s membership is done through an online membership system called Wild Apricot.
Hardcopy invoices and member lists are no longer mailed out.
Each organization has a Bundle Admin (formerly a key contact). Bundle Admins are emailed invoices and can manage members of their organization. Each individual member of your organization needs to be in the Wild Apricot system to A. register for the conference and B. to receive email updates from MiCAMP. Registration for the conference is done using each person’s email address in Wild Apricot.

Click the link below to check if your organization is already in the Wild Apricot system. If you are in the system, you are an Active Member. You can also search for your bundle admin. 


If your organization is NOT in the system, you can join MiCAMP as a new member using one of our membership options and levels found on the Membership Info page. The person who first signs up will become the Bundle Admin for that organization.